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What are your Strengths & Weaknesses- 5 important points

By September 19, 2020Civil Engineering, Interview Tips
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Many Interviewees face one very common question regardless of their domain, experience and profile is “What are your strengths & weaknesses?”.

In this blog, I will cover key points of strength and weakness that you may mention in your interview to perform exceedingly well and impress the interviewer.

So, Let’s start with the Strengths.


During the interview, your interviewer may ask you to describe your strengths and demonstrate it with some examples. If a candidate is not mentally prepared for this question, he or she may not come up with a good answer and baffle during the explanation.

We recommend you to prepare your answer professionally. Even if the question is not asked directly, if you are mentally prepared, you would bring it in a flow without too much aberration.

when you answer this question, you need to be very specific to box out the question. First, you need to identify your personal strength or recognise what you’re good at.

You need to incorporate a variety of strength such as technical knowledge base, collaboration skills, leadership skills, etc.

Here are some Strengths that would be recommended to incorporate:

Knowledge Base of subject or software tools

  • Focused
  • Creativity
  • Adaptability
  • Flexibility
  • Proactive Behaviour
  • Dedication
  • Integrity
  • Continuous Learning

Even the very senior or experienced professionals sometimes struggle to answer this question, so we have collated some tips from each of those key strengths:

Example to showcase your Strengths in some areas:

  • I am a very good Civil 3D modeller. To enhance my knowledge base, I have joined various C3D groups and attended online courses like gcelab.com. Whenever there is new software or patch released, I’m always keen to check it and try to get conversant in it. I really like pushing the sting and learning every aspect of the new software. This passion gives me the chance to use and enhance my skills and also better resource utilisation of the company.
  • I find myself a collaborative team player and this is one of my strongest attributes. On projects that I direct, I work well with the team to make sure to achieve our objective and complete the given tasks.
  • My greatest strength is my writing skills. I write on technical and non-technical topics both. I have received hundreds of appreciation notes and comments from my readers. I am also planning to publish my book on one very interesting subject.
  • I’m relatively new in the field of traffic data analysis but I find that I’m good at working with numbers. Number crunching and making XL based template to analyse traffic analysis is a very exciting job. I would like to make some standard template to simplify the analysis.
  • My strongest asset is my work ethic and proactive behaviour. I evaluate any given situation from a different perspective, and I try to wear different hats to see the problem. For example, as a design consultant, we see a problem and solution as a designer but when I wear the client’s hat, I see the same solution as expensive and complicated. So now I try to add value engineering to minimise the cost and try to make it simple for execution.

Hope you have understood some good ways to showcase your strengths. Now, let’s discuss the Weaknesses.


So, what would you say if you are asked to explain your greatest weaknesses?

When you answer this question, you need to be careful that you do not add too many negative attributes, it will jeopardize your chances or potential to get the job opportunity.

You need to be humble and willing to find out some weaknesses that you can’t simply overcome and in doing this exercise, you should not be worried about the hiring manager.

When you explain your weaknesses, it is very important to settle the attributes that you are proactively performing on or demonstrate steps you’re taking to show that weakness into a strength.

When you explain your story or expanding on how you’re working to vary this weakness can only strengthen your case. Please remember that weaknesses aren’t everlasting, and simply because you’ve got a couple of weaknesses doesn’t mean that you simply are doomed.

Read More:


Here are some Weaknesses that you may incorporate if you find matches with your weakness:

  • Not confident of using certain software
  • Insecure
  • Weak on client-facing or chairing a meeting
  • Extremely outspoken
  • Too detail-oriented

if you know how to answer, “what are your weaknesses”, it will pave the way for your success in the job interview. If you’ve got worried about making a response to this question, please see some examples below for guidance:

Example to showcase your Weaknesses in some areas:

  • I have a habit to be too critical of myself. I mean when I work on a project and complete that, I always feel that I could have done a bit more. As a result, I always find myself working too hard and sometimes overwork, I burnout myself. It’s not a good sign for work-life balance. But recently I have started to review my project more objectively and also started celebrating my achievements. This helps me to develop a sense of pride and also a support system to maintain a work-life balance.
  • I’m not conversant with Bentley’s OpenRoads design software. I am quite conversant with MX Road, but this new software called Openroad is quite different. So now I have started developing my skills using OpenRoads. It’s not as difficult as I thought. Throughout my career, I have noticed that design software has always changed or upgraded, and I’ve always been willing to adapt to new changing technologies.

The more you articulate your weaknesses in simple terms with adequate examples, the better for you to crack the interview. Please see our blog below to know more about the Interview Questions for the Civil Engineering job.

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Key Takeaways

Strength and Weakness questions are very common questions and its a tricky one to handle. Practice and rehearsals will improve your confidence level and if you are mentally prepared to answer, you wouldn’t be surprised during the interview. Also, you must develop a professional CV to support candidature. gcelab.com also provides 27 professionally designed CV templates to publish your CV. Please see our YouTube video for details.


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