How to Become a Road Safety Auditor: 10 Important Points

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How to Become a Road Safety Auditor?

Road Safety Auditors are professionally trained auditors from civil engineering or traffic engineering background. Road Safety Auditors are competent to carry out road safety audit, crash investigations, road design compliance review, vulnerable road users’ requirements, blind spot or black spot review, traffic regulation review, etc.

To become a Road Safety Auditors, one must start working as a Road Safety Audit Observer at the beginning and gradually develop the practical skills to carry out Road Safety Audits. Thereafter, it is recommended to attend and accomplish a formal Road Safety Training which would be a combination of classroom-based training plus practical site training experiences.

RSA Training Courses are provided by various professional institutions such as the University of Newcastle, a European bank, Rospa, IRF, etc.

GCELAB.COM also provide a high level of overview of Road Safety audit in their Traffic Engineering course, Module-2.

What is a Road Safety Audit?

RSA is the staged assessment of the safety of changes to the highway during design, operation and subsequent action. It pursues to identify possible safety hazards that may result in personal injury to any type of road user and to suggest measures to eliminate or mitigate those hazards.

Type of Road Safety Auditors

There are three levels of Road Safety Auditors as per their professional experiences:

  1. Road Safety Audit Observer
  2. Road Safety Auditor
  3. Road Safety Team Leader

Road Safety Audit Observer:

If you are aspiring to become a Road Safety Auditor, then this is the stage where you should jump in to make your career as an RSA Auditor. So first you need to complete approx. 10 days of professional training including Collision Investigation (CI) and Road Safety in Design (RSD)training.

After those training, you can start working as RSA Observer.

Road Safety Auditor:

To become an RSA Auditor, one must have worked as RSA Observer for at least three years and two years in CE and RSD. Also, one must have professional RSA training as mentioned above.

Also, the person must have completed two site audits as an RSA observer.

Road Safety Team Leader:

Following are the key criteria to become an RSA Team Leader:

  • At least 5 years’ experience as RSA Auditor including CI and RSD experience.
  • At least completed 6 RSA Audits in the last 12 months as Auditor or team member including site visits.
  • Must have attended at least 3 professional development courses in the field of RSA, CI and RSD in last one year.

Road Safety Auditor’s Qualification

To start the career as RSA Observer, one must have the following professional qualification:

  • Civil Engineering Degree plus professional RSA Training and certification from an esteemed organisation.
  • Master’s degree in Transportation Planning or Traffic Engineering would be desirable.
  • Professional experience as a geometric designer, Road Restraint System Assessment, crash assessment, vulnerable road user assessment, Pedestrian Guardrail assessment, etc would add further value to the competency level.

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Road Safety Courses:

Many professional institutions provide Road Safety Audit Courses and normally cover the following key topics in a detailed manner:

  • Systematic Approach to Road Safety Audit
  • Speed Management
  • Crash Analysis
  • Road Safety in Design
  • Junction Safety
  • Road Signs and Street Lighting Analysis
  • Black Spot Analysis
  • Collision Investigation
  • Climate Resilience
  • Practical Road Safety Audit Experience

Getting offline and formal training does not have an alternative but with the growing demand for online courses, it would be recommended to explore online training courses. The provides Fundamental of Road Safety Audit course and it would surely assist newbie road safety aspirant to understand the basics of RSA by attending our Traffic Engineering, Course module 2.

Road Safety Auditor Job:

Road Safety Auditor typically works in an office environment with the partial requirement of a site visit to carry out Road Safety Audits. Road Safety audit is an independent activity and auditors are not supposed to member of the design team. So, it is very important for the auditor to review the project as an impendent member.

Road Safety Auditor can join a civil engineering consulting or government organisation or local authority and work entirely as a dedicated RSA Auditor.

What is the Average Salary of Road Safety Auditors?

The average salary for an entry-level Road Safety Observer in the USA is around $67,000. Although it varies from metropolises to small cities and competency levels, etc. Road safety Auditor role is a challenging and exhilarating role with a decent salary package, so it is highly recommended to our newbie civil engineers to develop the career as Road Safety Auditor.

Key Takeaways:

Road Safety Audit is a critical skill and in huge demand globally. With the growing awareness of Road Safety and strong stress by government policies, the job opportunities for RSA Auditor would certainly increase in the near future. If you are a fresh civil engineer, then making a career as a Road Safety Auditor would be a great opportunity. You must watch this space, don’t miss it.

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