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“Why Should We Hire You?” – 5 Excellent Responses

By September 27, 2020Civil Engineering, Interview Tips
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Imagine yourself in a job interview and you are asked “Why should we hire you?”, what would be your answer?

Are you fully prepared to respond to this question?

If not, please read this blog to prepare yourself.

When you are asked this question, you need to proceed with caution. After all, you don’t want to jeopardise your interview by talking something ambiguous or excessive and sounding sort of a show-off.

The hiring manager is evaluating your response to work out if you’re the right person for that job. So, let’s explore some possible snares and things to avoid when describing why they should hire you for that role.

My first recommendation would be, please don’t respond a generic answer like, “I’m intelligent, qualified and I am totally fit for this role. All these are correct statements, but it’s also true that almost every other candidate would be saying a similar answer.

You need to be exceptional and aim to distinct yourself from your competitors. Although you don’t need to sound like an overoptimistic show-off, so pitch your skills and experiences humbly. It’s important to list out some bullet points that you would like to emphasise beforehand and prepare some responses to that question, “why should we hire you?”.

Here you are pitching yourself and impressing your interviewer by stating your capabilities and competencies. Please see some of the examples below to help you to prepare your answer to suit your candidature.

Case 1: Why we hire you for a position of Graduate Civil Engineer, fresher or 1 to 2-year experience.

It’s a good question. From what I’ve understood from job details, it seems to me that your organisation is looking for a graduate civil engineer fresher or 1 to 2 years of experience. I don’t find any specifics of design software skills.

In that case, I would wish to tell you that I have completed civil engineering degree a year ago with distinction from one of the prestigious engineering college of the country.

Along with this, I have attended various professional civil engineering online training courses from gcelab.com or a similar platform.

Now I have a better understanding, how civil engineering project works from conception to constructions, how the project moves from prelim design to detailed design and then to construction. I also understand various types of tender process as a traditional contract or Design and Built or PPP, etc.

I would wish to develop my core competencies in highway design and highway engineering, so I have attended highway engineering course of gcelab.com. Now I have a better understanding of highway link design, roundabout design, junction, etc.

Some tips for the end pitch: When replying to the question, say thanks to the interviewer at the end. This will basically transfer the onus to the interviewer to ask for further clarification on your response.

On further clarification, you should try to come with specific examples of a project or a task that you have performed. This will leave a long-lasting impression in the mind of the interviewer. So when you are compared with other candidates, your selection possibility would be far more than them.

Case 2: Why we hire you for a position of Drainage Engineer, 1 to 2-year experience.

This is a critical question because, on one hand, the job profile is for a drainage engineer but on the other hand, the level of experience required for the role is 1 to 2 years.

I am a drainage engineer with one-year of experience. I have started working as a drainage engineer last year after completing a basic drainage engineering online course of gcelab.com.

I got the opportunity to learn road gully spacing design using inhouse XL based template. I am also proficient to use Micro-drainage software, although not to an expert level. Recently I have completed one attenuation pond sizing for a highway drainage project.

Some tips for cross-questioning: The response above may open a pandora of cross-questions like what the key criteria of Gully Spacing design are, what is attenuation pond, etc. You need to know your skills when you are talking about a technical skillset.

The more descriptive and precise answers you provide, better your chances to get the job.

Case 3: Why we hire you for a position of Traffic Engineer, 1 to 2-year experience.

I believe that my experience as a traffic engineer, specifically within the traffic data analysis and signal design field, make me the best match for the position.

I have started my professional career as a traffic engineer and worked on three traffic engineering and analysis projects. I have carried out site surveys like volume count survey, Origin-Destination survey, turning movement survey, etc.

I have also carried out a traffic analysis of those surveys and prepared traffic reports with final finding. Although I am not an expert Traffic Engineer but working with a Senior Traffic Engineer on a live project, I have gained significant hands-on experience.

Recently I attended Traffic Engineering courses of gcelab.com and it helps me immensely to understand the importance of traffic engineering in a larger perspective.

Also, I attended the Traffic Signal Design course of gcelab.com and requested my current employer to allow me to carry out the signal design of one of the projects. Although it was steep learning for me at the beginning but now I can complete signal design under some level of supervision.

Some tips for further explanation: Traffic engineering and Signal Design are very specialised skills. This offers an opportunity to the interviewer to see some possibility of work that fits with your profile straight away. So, the interviewer may ask some specific question to determine if it fits with you. If this is your strongest skill then please do not afraid to mention that in your CV prominently.

The gcelab.com provides fabulous CV Builder facility to develop an outstanding CV.

Please see our Blog “How to write a perfect CV” and our YouTube video for details.

Case 4: Why we hire you for a position of Road Restraint System Engineer, 1 to 2-year experience.

Road Restraint system (RRS) design is a complex skill and I have learnt it with rigorous efforts. Also, I have attended road restraint system design online course provided by gcelab.com. I have analysed the need of RRS of a motorway project, carryout out RRRAP assessment and developed various types of road restraint systems to comply with the requirement.

During this process, I had to coordinate with various disciplines like highways, drainage, Lighting, Bridges, etc and so I learned how to communicate effectively and perform my duties efficiently.

Some tips for Explanation: Although you are only talking about one particular skill but you always have the opportunity to demonstrate your other softs skills like communication, team management, leadership so that it wouldn’t look odd and same time showcase your additional strength.

Case 5: Why we hire you for a position of Project Planner, 1 to 2-year experience.

Project Planning by using MS Project or Primavera P6 is a very high skilled job. I have started using MS Project with basic knowledge last year but fortunately, I got the opportunity to attend the MS Project online course of gcelab.com. it has helped me significantly and now I am a very competent Project Planner.

I have also learned Primavera P6 through the online course of gcelab.com. I have developed a project plan of a building project using both tools and my skillsets have helped the project management team significantly.

MS Project Blog 01

I have successfully managed 10 compensation events and control 5 project delay items by utilising free slacks of the current project program.

Some tips for Explanation: Providing some factual evidence and value addition activities shows your ability to perform your duties and by doing this you earn credibility and trust. It also shows your passion for your skillset.

Key Takeaways

The interview procedure is not always a smooth ride. You may face some hurdles and breakers on your way to get success in the interview.

But if you are prepared well to face the question, “Why should we hire you?”, you will not get tumble and you can impress the hiring manager with your response. If there are loads of candidates for the same position, then your response to this question could be a turning point of your interview.

Good Luck!!

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