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design and build contract

What is Design and Build Contract in Construction? 5 Important Points

When would you use a design and build contract? The principal reason for selecting the Design and Build Contract is to appoint a single contractor who would be responsible to engage a design consultant and other sub-contractors, carrying out all the design and key surveys plus investigations and ...

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What is Change Order in Construction Contract? 4 Important Points

Table of Contents What is a Change Order? What to be included in Change Order? Dates of the Change Order Details to include in the Change Order Mini Project Programme and Schedule of Deliverables The fee of the Change Order When Change Orders are Raised? Inadequate Scope of W...

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Primavera P6 Tutorial Online Course- In 12 Superb Modules

Table of Contents Primavera P6 Basics Course Key advantages of Primavera P6 Risk identification: User-friendly software: Presentation of Project Plan: Resource utilization: Monitoring Project Progress and Forecasting: Primavera P6 Advance Course Primavera P6 is an intern...

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Microsoft Project Tutorial Online Course- In 17 Perfect Modules

Table of Contents What is Microsoft Project Basics of Microsoft Project Course Tutorial and Modules: Advanced Microsoft Project Course Tutorial and Modules: If you are looking to develop your Microsoft Project skills, then this blog “Microsoft Project Tutorial Online Course- In 1...

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