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road machinery

Latest Road Machinery used in Road Construction

Table of Contents Road Construction Machines       Motor Grader Road Roller Machine Asphalt Mixing Plant Forklift Truck Crawler Excavator Dredgers: Road Compacting Equipment: Ditch digging equipment, power shovels, drag lines, and earth-moving eq...

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Formwork or Shuttering

What is Formwork or Shuttering?

Table of Contents What is Formwork or Shuttering? Materials used in concrete Shuttering:            Timber Formwork Plywood Formwork Steel Formwork Formworks on the basis of Materials: Order and Method of Formwork Removal ...

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What is Scaffolding

What is Scaffolding and Its Components?

Table of Contents What is Scaffolding? Components or parts of Scaffolding: Standards: Putlogs: Braces:  Ledger:  Boarding: Railing:  Transoms:  Toeboard:  Bridle:  Types of scaffolding: Single scaffolding (Brick-layer’s scaff...

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Underpinning the Foundation

What is the Purpose of Underpinning the Foundation?

What is Underpinning? Trying to stabilise and deepen an existing foundation by means of underpinning is a delicate building procedure that must be handled with care. A delicate repair like underpinning necessitates careful consideration of the many options. Purpose of Underpinning Underpinn...

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Block Paving or Brick Paving

What is Block Paving or Brick Paving?

Table of Contents What is Block Paving or Brick Paving? Advantages of Brick Pavement: Strength and Longevity Low-Maintenance High Friction Surface Eco-friendly Materials  Disadvantages of Paving Bricks: Can you use regular bricks as pavers? Characteristics of Brick Pa...

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Hill Roads

Design and Construction of Hill Roads

Table of Contents What are Hill Roads? Importance of Hill Roads     Alignment of Hill Roads  Method of Preliminary Survey Conventional Method of the Survey: Modern Method of the Survey: Geometric Design Standards  Hill Road Capacity Design Speed: ...

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What is Remote Sensing

What is Remote Sensing?

Table of Contents What is Remote Sensing?   Application of Remote Sensing Types of Remote Sensing Active Sensor Passive Sensor Importance of Remote Sensing Observing with the Electromagnetic Spectrum History of Remote Sensing What is Remote Sensing?  ...

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What is the Purpose of Embankment?

Table of Contents What is an Embankment? Embankment Embankment to Restraint High Flood Water Attributes of Embankment Materials Gradation Unit Weight and Specific Gravity Shear Strength Compressibility Bearing Capacity Permeability Spur What is an Embankment? ...

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Watershed Management

What is Watershed Management?

Table of Contents What is Watershed Management Purpose of Watershed Management Components of Watershed Management: Land Management: Water Management under the purview of Watershed Management: Biomass Management: Steps of Watershed Management Recognition Phase: Restoration ...

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