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What is Change Order in Construction Contract? 4 Important Points

Table of Contents What is a Change Order? What to be included in Change Order? Dates of the Change Order Details to include in the Change Order Mini Project Programme and Schedule of Deliverables The fee of the Change Order When Change Orders are Raised? Inadequate Scope of W...

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What is Health and Safety Signs for Construction Site? 3 Important Points

Table of Contents What are those Health and Safety Signs?  Type of Health and Safety Signs Warning Signs: Mandatory Signs: Prohibition Signs: Safe Condition Signs: Fire Equipment Signs: How Safety Signs are categorised with Colour of the Sign Panels? Red Colour Circul...

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Schedule of Work in Construction Contract: 5 Important Points

Table of Contents What is a Schedule of Works? Supporting documents with Schedule of Work Drawings Specification Preliminaries Schedule of Work with Tender Document Who is responsible to populate the Schedule of Works? Difference between Bill of Quantities and Schedule of Wor...

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preamble and preliminaries

Preamble and Preliminaries in Construction Contract- 5 Important Points

Table of Contents What is The Preamble in Construction Contracts (Meaning)? The Preamble Section in Bills of Quantities (BOQs) Preliminaries in Construction and how to calculate it? Preliminaries Cost Breakup: Project Initiation: Running Cost: Project Handover: Preliminaries ...

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