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Fundamentals of Road Lighting Design
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Fundamentals of Road Lighting Design

Fundamentals of Road Lighting Design

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Fundamentals of Road Lighting Design

Road Lighting Engineering involves the design, construction, operation & maintenance of Road Light and associated infrastructure to ensure adequate and uniform lighting levels are provided for drivers and pedestrians safety.

Road lighting design supports lighting engineers to develop a lighting model to remove dark spots, provide a clear view of the road and associated infrastructure to provide a desirable minimum illumination for all road users.

  • The first module covers key industry of road lighting engineering, basic principles of road lighting design, site assessment criteria before initiating lighting design and lighting terminologies. Within lighting terminologies, we have covered set back distance, arm Length, mounting height, straight vertical distance, candela (cd), footcandle (fc), Illuminance (E), luminance (L), lux (lx), the lumen (lm).

  • The second module covers the basics of lighting design, luminaire selection, road lighting mounting options.  The primary methods of lighting design are luminance method and Illuminance method.   The module also recommends the illuminance level, for various road types, junction types, mid-block crossings, etc. The module also covers the concept BUG Rating System that provides a numerical rating of the luminaire light distribution as it applies to the lighting trespass up light and glare.

  • The third module covers lighting column protection measures. passively safe lighting columns, road lighting cable network, smart lighting systems and road lighting maintenance regime. When lighting columns are placed very close to the road edge or at a vulnerable location, it is highly possible to be crashed by an errant vehicle? There are two possible ways to protect it, by placing road restraint system or by using passively safe lighting columns. The module has described both measures in detail. The module also describes the smart road lighting system such as LoRaWAN.  

  • The fourth volume covers the features of LED Lighting, advantages of LED lighting, implementation of LED lighting and LED adoption challenges.  LED lights are diodes that emit high-quality light with high lumen efficacy and high lumen outputs. The module has described LED lighting and all associated features in detail.

  • The fifth module covers standard details of lighting columns, LED lanterns, feeder pillars and chambers. We have also provided a bonus section where we have shared 20 interview questions & tips for fresh civil engineer jobs. It will help newbie civil engineers to better prepare for job interviews.

Fundamentals of Road Lighting Design
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Fundamentals of Road Lighting Design

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