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Tunnel Engineering
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Tunnel Engineering

Tunnel Engineering

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Tunnel Engineering

Road tunnels are alternative ways, to cross a physical obstruction such as a mountain, or river, etc.

Tunnels are considered as a viable solution, to minimize environmental impact, noise pollution, air pollution compare to the elevated viaduct. It is also intact the historical spirit of the location, such as archaeological value, conservation of endangered species and natural habitat.

Our Tunnel Engineering course modules are designed to cover all key aspects of Tunnel Engineering. It covers the definition of a tunnel, its shape, criteria of tunnel consideration, type of tunnels, tunnel lining, tunnel construction engineering, rock tunnelling, soft-ground tunnelling, etc.

  • The first module starts with shapes and elements of tunnels, criteria of tunnel consideration such as ground condition, environmental impact, land use restriction, constructability, sustainable development, etc. The module then shares the types of tunnels based on the method of construction such as cut and cover tunnels, bored tunnels, soft ground tunnels, immersed tunnels, jacked box tunnels.

  • The second module covers the horizontal and vertical design of tunnel alignment, cross-section element, geotechnical Investigation and details of cut and covers tunnel.

  • The third module covers rock tunnelling and soft-ground tunnelling. The module explains how rock behaves, fails and rock failure mechanism. The module then explains rock tunnelling methods like drill and blast method, tunnel boring machine (TBM), and road headers method. The module also covers soft ground tunnelling methods like shield tunnelling, slurry tunnelling, sequential Excavation Method (SEM),

  • The fourth module covers tunnel lining and tunnel construction engineering. Tunnel linings are installed for reasons like providing ground support, maintain the tunnel opening, limit the inflow of groundwater, provide a base, for the finished exposed surface of the tunnel, etc. The module covers the key points of tunnel design consideration like lining stiffness, and deformation, durability, high-density concrete, corrosion protection, lining joints, etc. The module also covers the reasons for lining stiffness, deformation and mitigation measures. Lastly, the module covers key aspects of tunnel construction engineering such as Constructability, Construction Sequencing, Mucking and Disposal and Health & Safety.

Tunnel Engineering
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Tunnel Engineering

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