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MS Excel - Basics
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MS Excel - Basics

MS Excel - Basics

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MS Excel - Basics

If you are an Excel learner and want to learn Excel, this is the ideal course for you to start. The course gives you the opportunity to learn to excel from basics to complex levels.  

  • In the first module, you will learn about the following topics -Launching Excel, start-up window, quick access toolbar, Ribbons, and Open/Save excel sheets.

  • In the second module, you will learn how to create spreadsheet titles, working numeric data, cell references, and basic formula operations.

  • In the third module, you will learn excel functions like sum, minimum, maximum, average, count, and auto-sum.

  •  In the fourth module, you will learn the move, copy data in excel. The module provides details of commands like insert, delete rows/ columns. The module also provides the process of changing height, the width of cells, hiding/ unhiding cells, renaming excel sheets, deleting sheets, etc.

  • In the fifth module, you will learn font formatting, customization, border cells, Module also provides details formatting data, format painter, Merge & centring, etc.

  • In the sixth module, you will learn process inserting images, inserting shapes, and formatting various excel shapes.

  • In the seventh module, you will learn how to create Bar Charts. The course provides a detailed process of addition and modification operations of the Bar Chart. The course also provides a complete process of Pie Chart creation and modification.

  • In the eighth module, you will learn, how to sort data in an Excel sheet. The course also provides a detailed process of Data Filtering command.

MS Excel - Basics
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MS Excel - Basics

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