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GCE CV Builder Process
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GCE CV Builder Process

GCE CV Builder Process

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GCE CV Builder Process

Making a perfect CV means focusing on micro details. Every letter, every corner, every information needs to be polished and presented to stand out from the crowd.   Even if the information is the same in your CV and your competitor CV, but appearance makes them miles apart.

Most people use Word to create their CVs. But the default word document doesn’t provide any features. So, they end up making a dull CV. Even after spending many hours, fitting additional features, colours, fonts, icons, the template doesn’t provide what they have imagined.

So, what is the option?

That’s what we do for you.  So, get ready to open your wings to fly high in the sky

 Our CV builder provides plenty of customized CV templates to our students to build CVs as per their needs.

The course module provides a detailed process of CV Building using GCE CV Builder Application. There are 27 professionally designed CV templates to publish the final CV. The course module provides step by step process to build your CV from the first step of filling personal information to education, work experiences, hard and soft skills, awards, recognitions, training,  interest, references, template selection process and printing process.

Please see the Free View of the Course for a quick flavour.


GCE CV Builder Process
Course Content : GCE CV Builder Process
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GCE CV Builder Process

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GCE Mentor is a group of Civil Engineering experts from the industry. Mentors prepare, compile the course content and review it before publishing. Several iteration and value addition takes place before publishing the course. It is vital for Mentors to not only make the course engaging but also provide important and advance information to GCE Students. We would encourage to GCE students to please share their feedback of every course module as they progress the course. Your valuable input will not only improve our current courses, it will also help us to understand Student’s perspective so that we can improve our upcoming course modules.


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