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Dutch Style Roundabout design
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Dutch Style Roundabout design

Dutch Style Roundabout design

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Dutch Style Roundabout design

Dutch Style Roundabouts are one of the most innovative roundabouts that provide priority to pedestrians and cyclists without significantly compromising vehicular traffic movement.

Our Dutch Style Roundabout course modules are designed to cover all key aspects of the design process. It covers the centreline design of all four arms, crown line of Roundabout, and then gradually develops road channels, cycle tracks, footway, crossing facilities, etc.

  • The first module starts with verification of the Topographical Survey. Here, the module explains how to verify the topo survey and make it fit to use as Xref for roundabout design. The module also explains how to change the colors of individual layers to make Xref less prominent.

  • The second module explains the design process of Roundabout crown line, road centrelines, channel line design, entry radius design, exit radius design, splitter island design. The proposed layout set the foundation of the roundabout footprint so that footway and cycle facilities are provided safely.

  • The third module explains the design process of cycle facility design. A circulatory uni-directional cycle track is designed. Inbound and outbound cycle tracks are designed and connected to the circulatory.

  • The fourth module explains the process of footway design and crossing facilities. The back edge of the footways plays an important role in tie-into the existing. Segregated pedestrian and cycle crossing facilities are proposed. It is highly recommended to provide a pedestrian crossing facility suitable for blind and partially sighted pedestrians, therefore tactile are proposed at all crossing points.

  • The fifth module explains the process of creating a General Arrangement Drawing. The module details out how to call all required Xrefs and how to use sheet layout, title frame, etc to develop General Arrangement Drawings. Finally, the module explains how to create a PDF of the General Arrangement drawing.

Dutch Style Roundabout design
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Dutch Style Roundabout design

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