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Civil Engineering Institutions

For Civil Engineering Institutions

We train Civil Engineering Graduates through Online courses and assists corporates to recruit Employable Candidates. The training is devised, with extensive research of Civil Engineering Industry, their current demand, latest design software requirements and construction practices. Online Tests are organized at the end of online courses to provide passing grade percentages. We provide a Certificate after each course completion. Our Certificates comes with a unique QR Code. We promote civil engineering institutions to collaborate in our courses and we offer bulk subscriptions to support that.

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Our Mission

We focus on professional training of the Civil Engineers for a better tomorrow. We train civil engineers, for all type of civil engineering services, we attempt and serve the Civil Engineering Community by increasing the supply of efficient & highly skilled Civil Engineers: is what we aim at!

Market Research

The civil engineering curriculum in colleges are generally upgraded in 5 to 10 years horizon. As a result, graduates do not get opportunities to work on the latest and greatest civil engineering software’s used in modern industry such as 3D Design Software, Robotic, Building Information Modeling, Data analytics and Sophisticated Construction Practices. It makes very difficult for fresh graduates to get entry into the industry. Graduates who get an entry, find difficulties to meet the industry expectation by showing hands-on knowledge on those softwares.

Engineering Course Curriculum Gap

The civil engineering curriculum in colleges always lags the industry in terms of using the latest and greatest software’s and skillsets. Design & construction practices and rapidly changing technologies are making the situation even more difficult. Industries are already facing the unhealthy sign of insufficient supply of civil engineers topped with insufficient training.

Industry overview

Civil Engineering Graduates lack the understanding of the work process, a design project from concept to completion. It would be beneficial for them to know the flow of work of an infrastructure project from tender to various design phases and to construction including quality assurance process, Health & Safety Regulations.

Use of Design Standards

Design standards are taught in College and due to lack of practical application on a real project, students don’t appreciate the importance of using Design Standards.

Software Training

Students would be highly benefitted, from the basic training of civil engineering software’s like Civil 3D, CAD, MS Office, MX Road etc. it would be highly beneficial for students to get the knowledge of 3D modelling and BIM: new technologies in the industry

Understanding of Collaborative Work

Resources from a different part of the globe are used by multinational companies. Furthermore, broadly use innovation to convey and advance the structure phases of an undertaking. A sound comprehension of collective working and information on utilizing productive specialized gadgets and procedure is significant. It would be extremely helpful for understudies to get this information during college time by working in an undertaking in the same way. We provide online courses to train civil engineering professional in this field.

Understanding of Health & Safety Regulations

Industry takes health and safety very seriously and provides training and sensitization program to their workforce. Workers receive adequate support for this at each level and sensitization program is the top need of the legislatures and the business. Again, some introduction of this through contextual analyses would be gainful to the new Engineering Graduates.