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Civil Engineering Corporate

For Civil Engineering Corporate

Government across the globe are investing massively on an infrastructure project. Civil Engineering industry came a long way in implementing large scale infrastructure projects from the days of drawing boards to the latest BIM (Building Information Model) to execute design and construction with optimum utilization of land, material, resources and time. These latest design and construction technology coupled with the utilization of global resource pool has helped to reduce the time and the cost of these projects significantly as a result it's much more viable for governments to budget and execute these projects on the ground. Civil Engineering Industry is facing acute shortage of skilled resources to meet the current and future demand. On top of that, the rapidly changing technology of design & construction practices, worsen this situation even further. As a result, the insufficient supply of civil engineers coupled with insufficient training creates an unhealthy sign for the industry.

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Our Mission

We aim to provide professional training to civil engineers and professionals to align with industrial requirements to fulfil the knowledge gap and share the best design and construction practices of the world.

Market Research

Civil Engineering graduates when joining the industries they come with significant skill shortage and industries provide them on the job training to learn and fill these gaps over the two to three years' time. We would like to fill these gaps by providing professional training to the engineering students and professionals.

Engineering Course Curriculum Gap

There is a clear depiction of a high level of deficiency in the count of civil engineers to meet future demand. The situation gets even further worse due to the rapidly changing technology of design & construction practices. The combination of insufficient supply of civil engineers and they being insufficiently trained creates an alarming sign to be recognized on time, by the industry.

Insight into the Industry- The Most Fundamental.

Civil Engineering Industry finds it very difficult to get competent Project Managers who have technical expertise along with PM skills. Civil Engineering Professionals who are expert in a certain area, face the skill shortage to become a Project Manager. Our courses provide complete knowledge and skills to run a project from concept to completion. Our course covers numerous stages ranging from the tender to various phases of design and construction and includes Health & Safety Regulations and the quality assurance process.

Use of Design Standards

Students do not appreciate the value of Design Standards in a holistic manner. This happens due to the lack of practical application, despite the fact that design standards, are given full concentration in the colleges. Civil Engineering Professionals, when they would like to explore another filed, they don’t find it easy to learn new design standards. Our courses make sure to help professional and students to understand the Design standards of every civil engineering field.

Software Training

Civil engineering firms globally use the latest and greatest civil engineering software’s and project management tools to develop the design models and to construct it on-site. Our platform provides technical courses to share best design and construction practices, access to the latest and widely used software's in Civil Engineering, carry out learning assessment/test, certifications, within Civil Engineering Industries. This platform also provides an opportunity for the Civil Engineering Software firms and Civil engineering product firms to market their product, provide customized courses specific to their product and get global brand recognition.

Understanding of Collaborative Work

Multinational companies are working using resources from various locations of the globe. In today’s context, this is the current trending way to extensively use technology for communication. This is helpful in tapping the design state of the project too. It is very important to have a sound knowledge of various communicating techniques. Not only the communicating techniques but co-operative working and the trending technology knowledge is necessary as well. We provide online courses to train civil engineering professionals in this arena.

Understanding of Health & Safety Regulations

The industry has shown its full commitment to eliminate the health and safety risks at every phase of a project from construction to design and at the workplace. At every level, employees get training and open-ness to such issues. Governments and the industry have kept the sensitization program, in their Top Priority List. No doubt, the exposure of these thorough case studies is beneficial to the new Engineering Graduates.