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What is the Modulus of Elasticity of Concrete? 9 Important Points

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What is the Elasticity of Concrete? At low-stress levels, concrete’s elasticity remains essentially constant, but as matrix cracking occurs, it begins to decrease. Concrete has a poor coefficient of thermal extension or expansion, which means it decreases as it ages. Due to the shrinkage & strain, all concrete constructions will…

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Etabs Advance Course

How to Learn ETABS Step by Step? 7 Important Points

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What is Etabs software used for? ETABS is a type of engineering software that’s employed in the construction industry. It offers sophisticated structure analysis and design software tailored to multi-story building systems. Modelling tools and templates, code-based load prescriptions, analysis methodologies, and solution strategies are all part of the integrated…

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How to become a Structure Engineer? 8 Important Points

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Why Structure Engineer is a great career option?  Structural engineering is one of the very important sub-domains of civil engineering and is considered a specialized branch. While construction engineers may design roads, tunnels, dams, and bridges, a Structure Engineer ensures that certain building components such as beams, foundations, columns, and…

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